dissabte, 5 de desembre de 2009

Gus van Sant, Paranoid Park

Tampoc calen gaires paraules, dijous passat vaig anar al cineclub per primera vegada des de feina molt de temps, de fet no hi havia anat des de la temporada passada, és a dir que "Paranoid Park" ha obert el curs cinèfil 2009 2010. Volia que aquest film de Gus Van Sant se sumés a altres pel·lícules seves que he vist: "My own private Idaho", "Elephant" i "Milk". Com a "My Idaho" i a "Elephant", a "Paranoid Park" van Sant torna a tractar la joventud, l'adolenscència trencada per la realitat més crua i violenta amb grans moments visuals i melòdics de sensualitat sostinguda i des d'una perspectiva interior summament, paradoxalment poètica. En fi, potser volsaltres tampoc us perdríeu una pel·lícula de van Sant...

divendres, 4 de desembre de 2009

Comenius Let´s Travel! Mailing Europe

Dear all,

Dear Monica from Romania, Dear Joana from Minorca, Dear Maria from Cyprus, Dear Marlena from Poland, Dear Burkhard from Germany, Dear Bruno from Portugal, Dear Viktorija from Scotland, Dear Fabiola from Italy, Dear Bily from Bulgaria, Dear Murat from Turkey,

Let me please take a breath… Thank you! “Let’s travel! Tourism: another way of learning” has so many partners!

Let’s please have a look at the situation of our project. The two participants from Menorca in the Contact Seminar in Bratislava, Joana and I proposed the topic we are now working on: Tourism. From de very first moment Monica from Romania showed her interest and we worked all together very closely all the time and developed the summary and the objectives of the project. We really had a very good time... Monica’s communications skills have made it possible that so many countries have joined our initial idea. The partnership with Viktorija from Scotland lately can also be seen as a success of the seminar, since she has contact us through Paul, the scottish participant in Bratislava. I would like to welcome her in the project.

Attending the instructions Monica gave, Burkhard and Bruno have already filled and sent sections 3 and 5.2 and Marlena section 3 of the Comenius application form. As far as I know Maria is also working on the form. I just received Monica’s email showing Bily’s first interest for the project, and actually don’t know if she is still interested in it... I would also like to know if Fabiola has found any Italian secondary schools which would like to join the project, and finally Murat from Turkey wants to join it.

Regarding the German proposal of celebrating a preparatory meeting on January, Romania and Spain as former participants in the contact seminar in Bratislava can now not be granted by our respective National Agencies for a preparatory visit. I think it will be no problem for all of us to cross that it was the result of a Contact Seminar in the application form, or for you the result of a preparatory visit. In case you don’t take part in the preparatory visit it won’t be an inconvenience for your application.

So if you want to celebrate a preparatory visit we have to decide where. Sighisoara and Minorca have already proposed to host you all in their respective countries. By the way, that decision breaks my heart: it breaks my heart either not being able to travel to Transylvania or not to host Monica on January. I can only let you know again that it would be a pleasure for the coordinator partner school to organise the preparatory meeting on the Balearic Island. Burkhard’s proposal was to celebrate it between the 29th and the 31th of January. Do you all agree to celebrate the meeting in Minorca in those days? 
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
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