dijous, 12 de novembre de 2009

Mailing Transilvània

Dear Monica,

just a few words, I don't have much time, I'm really busy, and one thing I'd like to do is reading your application form. We had a meeting with our Principal. Our school neads really an international project. Tomorrow I'll make some phone calls in order to find a third partner through our National Agency. What about Transylvania? It's just funy, we are thinking about organising a Carnaval dedicated to Dracula as one of the activities of this school year, maybe as a premiere. And our Principals, who is spanish teacher, proposal was -how do you say it in english?- to organise a literary contest, narrations about terror. We'll then compare the previous views and ideas about your region with reality. Dracula can also become one of the readings.. How you can see, many ideas. But the first thing is to make it possible. Have you speak with your National Agency? Any advice from you will be very wellcome! And yes, we had a very good time in Bratislava and that was just the begining...

A great hug to you!


8 comentaris:

Justo ha dit...

What a romantic place!

And gentlemen are said to be quite attractive around there...

lespiell ha dit...

You have a message in L'espiell ;)

Anònim ha dit...

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Anònim ha dit...

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Anònim ha dit...

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