divendres, 19 de febrer de 2010

Comenius Application Form

My dear colleagues

when a sequence of experience is over we always reflect what we could have done better to improve that experience. I can assure you I'm optimistic and enthutiastic all the time, what I think a very important thing if we really want to achive our goals. By working in the application form somewhen I realised in this case my personal goal was to coordinate a project for 2010 which involved all of us: 10 partners.

Although a little bit exhausted, I keep on being very optimistic about our project and in some way we are always going to be 10 in our heart. "But" the fact is that Maria from Cyprus and Viktorija from Schotland won't be able to travel this time. This time they are going to remain at home. I'm sure they must be great places. At the same time I'm also convinced it would have been a pleasure for all of us to host Maria and Viktorija in our respective homes within our common project.

I'm not going to explain now why Cyprus and Schotland will not participate in the project. We will have time to reflect and speak about that. I'm at home now, I have opened a bottle of red wine to your heath and to thank all of you for all the time and work you have dedicated to our common project until now. And last but not least, I would specially like to thank Viktorija and Maria for their contribution to the project: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Finally, as Monica says: "God help us", and I would like to add: Yes, God is helping us and it doesn't really matter if our god is blue, red, green or multicolored!

Thank you and cheers!

4 comentaris:

Ferran Porta ha dit...

No sé si toca, però m'has deixat encuriosit, no puc negar-ho. A common, international project? Evidentment, si no es pot explicar, no s'explica. Però que sàpigues... que m'has deixat encuriosit :)

Grüsse aus der Hauptstadt.

mpons ha dit...

Tot és en en fase embrionària, ara bé, segurament en sentiràs a parlar per aquí...

Welche Hauptstadt meinst du, Bcln oder Brln?

Xavier ha dit...

com sempre en quedo amb ganes de saber mes.

sort i una abraçada.

Olga Xirinacs ha dit...

El temps i la paciència hi diran la seva. Bona sort.

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